Avoidable ER visits reduction

Medicaid Health Plan

Business problem

  • Year over year ER visits and associated costs were increasing
  • Health plan leaders did not know what type of members were visiting the ER and why
  • No insights about what could be done to reduce unnecessary ER visits 
  • No insights about member personas/profiles associated with unnecessary ER visits, preventing redirection to alternate care

The solution



  • Health plan leaders could clearly understand the historical trends for avoidable and non-avoidable ER visits, costs and population management opportunities
  • Creation of distinct member segments based on demographic, utilization, clinical and chronic disease characteristics allowed health plan leaders to understand gaps in care and pursue options for cost-effective alternative care
  • Predictive models enabling identification of future ER visits and future ER patients allowed clinical teams to create targeted intervention strategies to reduce ER utilization
Avoidable visit identification
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