Data Engineering

How do you integrate data efficiently across dozens of systems so that you can manage your healthcare operations effectively? Sound like an impossible quest? It doesn’t have to be. With the latest cloud data integration and data warehousing solutions we help you get a full picture of your operations, provider network performance and population health management financial and clinical outcomes.

Get a 360-degree view of care delivery and impacts to your members
Improve your data quality and avoid making terrible decisions
Make real-time decisions with streaming analytics
Get the edge  by unlocking data silos & hidden knowledge

Integrate data – > Unlock insights

If Analytics is the finished recipe, data engineering is the job of putting together all the right ingredients. Your organization no longer has the luxury of spending years building or enhancing an on-premise enterprise data warehouse. Your systems are in a constant state of flux and not having the right data engineering architecture to support business reporting and insights can mean the difference between winning with your members or going out of business. Our Data Engineering solutions let you get rapid value from data and enable powerful capabilities:

Leverage a single integrated platform for all analytical workloads
Support streaming data pipelines instead of being limited to batch processes
Use pre-built connectors and low-code to connect all your data sources
Share data internally and externally with maximum security and governance

Unlock the power of data to improve healthcare

At CerebralEdge, we target specific processes to improve, leverage pre-built use case accelerators and partnerships with leading analytics companies such as Tableau, Microsoft and, to deliver powerful insights for your organization in a few weeks.

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