Data Science

Are your analytics only based on stale, historical, rear-view mirror events leaving you with no time to prevent undesirable events (e.g. unnecessary ER visits, re-admissions, lack of medication adherence, high-cost claims)? We help your current analysts transform your healthcare operations in weeks with pre-built templates on the drag and drop C3 AI platform – no AI experience or PhDs required.

We deliver cutting-edge, interactive, automated, end to end healthcare reporting and AI-enabled analytics with near-real time data refreshes to help you:

Access KPIs with up to the minute data so you can make decisions faster
Perform root cause analysis of performance variations in minutes
Interactively explore trends and correlations to get the answers you need
Predict the future with predictive models that can be built by non PhDs

Business intelligence

“What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – common proverb. When both these things are combined it’s understandable why Data Visualization is one of the most critical capabilities for an organization to have. We partner with leading analytics companies such as Tableau and Microsoft to deliver world class data visualization, interactive data exploration and analysis capabilities in your organization. Our solutions will help you:

Artificial intelligence

Nowadays it’s not good enough to simply look in the rear view mirror and analyze historical trends. Organizations of all size need to start becoming proactive and forward-looking by leveraging the power of machine learning. At CerebralEdge we use Enterprise class low/no-code predictive modeling tools that can be configured by your data savvy SMEs (no Data Science PhDs required). Here’s what the process would look like: 

AI drag & drop workflow example


Unlock the power of data to improve healthcare

At CerebralEdge, we target specific processes to improve, leverage pre-built use case accelerators and partnerships with leading analytics companies such as Tableau, Microsoft and, to deliver powerful insights for your organization in a few weeks.

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